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Photos: An Awesome Tour of Yellow Springs, Ohio

Yellow Springs, Ohio is a perfect destination for a day trip getaway.

The Awesome Collective of Covington spent Sunday exploring the small village in Greene County, outside of Dayton. The business district is bustling with small shops (many of which seem to have similar inventories of imported materials, incense, and the like), the surrounding green space is abundant, and Antioch College, now open again, has a beautiful campus that sits proudly in the city, too.

We had brunch at Winds Cafe, went for a long walk around town, and then tasted the product at Yellow Springs Brewery (Crafting Truth to Power!).

If you've never been, go. Yellow Springs is a neat city with lots of shopping and eating and drinking and sight-seeing to be had.

Check out some photos from our trip!

RCN editor Michael Monks & managing editor Jerod Theobald are members of the core leadership team of the Awesome Collective of Covington. To learn more about the Awesome Collective, check out the AC's Facebook page!

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