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Danville Joins Covington, Others as Kentucky City With Fairness Ordinance

It took five months of public debate but on Monday evening the Danville City Commission approved a gay-protecting fairness law by a 4-1 vote.

The home of Centre College becomes Kentucky's 7th city with such a law. Covington became the third in 2003. Others include Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, Morehead, and Vicco.

The ordinance offers discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, and transgender people in the areas of employment, housing, and public accommodations.

The law was not without dissent. Mayor Bernie Hunstad cast the lone nay vote and some local churches voiced opposition while Sunrise Children's Services threatened a lawsuit.

The ordinance was originally proposed by local members of the Wilderness Trace Chapter of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.

A proposed statewide fairness law garnered a record number of co-sponsors in this year's session of the General Assembly but did not receive a vote. A statewide poll conducted by the Louisville-based Fairness Campaign found that 83% of Kentuckians support anti-discrimination protections.

Recently, Northern Kentucky activistis rebranded themselves as a local affiliate of the Fairness Campaign as an effort to streamline efforts. 

The City of Berea could be next in line with an ordinance. Its government will hold a first reading of its proposed law later this month.

Photo: Danville via Wiki Commons