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Nerd Wallet: Covington is 8th Most Affordable City in USA

Using its own analysis of data released earlier this year, the website Nerd Wallet ranked Covington among the top ten most affordable places to live in the country.

In February, the Council for Community and Economic Research released its annual report and placed Covington as the #6 most affordable urban city to live in. Nerd Wallet, an online finance website, took that data and created its own list.

Covington ranked #8 in America. On the list of 100 released by Nerd Wallet, there were five Kentucky cities. Covington was ranked highest. Lexington was #53, Ashland was #59, Paducah was #61, and Louisville was #89.

Nerd Wallet also allows you to compare the costs of living in two separate cities. It costs 3% more to live in Cincinnati than in Covington, according to the website's calculator, for a single person making $35,000 a year. A two-bedroom apartment in Covington goes for an average of $652 while in Cincinnati the cost is $836 per month. Gas, food, and entertainment also cost more on the northern side of the Ohio River.

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Photo: Madison Avenue in Downtown Covington/RCN file