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Bellevue Hopes to Cash In on MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati

Bellevue City Council and residents are looking to next year’s Major League Baseball All-­Star game, to be held in Cincinnati, as a unique economic opportunity for the city.
Bellevue resident and city council candidate Ryan Salzman addressed Council at Wednesday night’s meeting, urging them not to miss out on reaping the potential economic benefits that the national baseball event could yield for the region as a whole.
“Now is a good time for Council to voice its support for this economic opportunity for our city,” Salzman said, pointing to Bellevue’s proximity to Downtown and its central location in the region’s urban core as the city’s primary advantage.
The 2015 MLB All­Star game is scheduled for July 14, 2015 and will be played at Great American Ballpark.
Salzman, along with other supporters, imagine community events taking place along Fairfield Ave. and the riverfront, offering the specific example of a movie night at Bellevue Beach Park, showcasing highlights from All­Star games past, as part of a larger weekend celebration.
The city also stands to host a number of out­of­towners seeking an alternative to Ohio-side lodging.
Here is the resolution, as read to Council Wednesday night:
WHEREAS: All communities seek economic success.
WHEREAS: Economic success requires maximizing the factors with which the community is well endowed.
WHEREAS: Bellevue is a true “bedroom community” with significant housing stock, historic character, and metro access.
WHEREAS: The 2015 MLB All­Star Game will bring significant economic opportunity, including needs for substantial lodging.
THEREFORE: Let it be resolved that the city will work to maximize economic opportunities for residents and businesses during the period around the 2015 Major League Baseball All­Star Game.

Written by Pat LaFleur, RCN contributor

Photo: Great American Ballpark via Wiki Commons