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Road, Commercial Construction Give Taylor Mill Budget Boost

The Taylor Mill City Commission approved its annual operating budget on Wednesday night with more money available than last year.

Mayor Dan Bell credits the increased revenue from the construction of the Districts of Taylor Mill and the widening of Taylor Mill Road as well as the expansion of Scott High School as the chief sources of increased funds.

"We have a lot of construction going on in the city and we were able to get some payroll tax funds over the last year and a half," Bell said. The growth shows no sign of slowing. The Districts will continue developing, Taylor Mill Road's work is not finished, and there are plans to build 57 new homes in the southern end of the city, a development that will eventually yield more in the form of property taxes.

The city commission opted to take the compensating rate on property taxes but did not raise the city's property tax rate. The compensating rate is determined by the state. "The fact that we're not taking any percent increase is very telling of the fiscal responsibility the city is looking at," Bell said. "I would have to say, probably right now, your tax rates will be about the same or close to they are now as far as city government is concerned and I think everyone should be proud of that."

The city's operating budget for Fiscal Year 2014-15 will be right at $4.2 million, up from this year's $4.1 million.

Commissioner Ed Kuehne said the city commission spent many hours working on the budget with one recent meeting going to almost 1 a.m.

The city building has one new administrative member. Angie Wright was hired as the assistant city clerk and city treasurer bringing the total staff to three.

Other notes from Taylor Mill:

-Municipal road aid agreement in the amount of $155,847 will come to the city from the state's gas tax funds. The money will be used for salt purchases with some going towards new signs along the city's main corridors.

-Sanitation District 1 will be performing open cut excavations to replace pipes on Fay Drive.

-30 pedestrian lights will be installed on Pride Parkway and a sign will soon be erected telling motorists that they cannot turn from the inside lane onto Old Taylor Mill Road

-30 bags of trash have been collected from the side of the road by the city's maintenance department in the past couple weeks, prompting Kuehne to urge residents to be mindful of litter

-Tasty Tuesday will feature New Orleans to Go food truck, and Commissioner Debby Kreimborg said an upcoming with feature Touch a Fire Truck and the UC Medical helicopter

-Police Explorers 5k was canceled after fewer than 50 people signed up, Commissioner Roger Reis said. Police Chief Steve Knauf blamed the lack of interest on timing.

-Ampitheater at Pride Park will have some work done beginning in the next week or two, Bell said. Dirt will be hauled up to fill the area. Bell said the city hopes to have the work completed before Park Fest in September. The goal is to raise the ampitheater.

-Have you visited the city's new website? Kuehne urged citizens to check it out. Bell said some initial delays were the result of a lack of staffing, an issue resolved by the hiring of Wright.

-Taylored With Time seniors group was recognized by Jim Reed of Kenton Co. Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #20 for its work on the Cops With Kids program. Reed presented a plaque to Michelle Frish, the assistant city clerk and special events coordinator.

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-Michael Monks, editor

Photos by RCN

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