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Who's the Smartest Person in Kenton County? Contest Seeks to Find Out

Who is the smartest person in Kenton County? A contest seeks to find the answer.

Ft. Wright Elementary PTA will host what it's calling the 1st Annual ‘Smartest Person in Kenton County’ contest at the Gardens of Park Hills on July 17. 

The adults-only evening allows contestants the chance to test their wits against their fellow players, or simply be a spectator and cheer on a favorite contestant. All proceeds from the event directly benefit Ft. Wright Elementary students by helping to fill the budget gap to increase student achievement.

Contestants will compete by answering questions, round robin style, until he or she is the last standing – earning them the title “Smartest Person in Kenton County” -complete with a t-shirt to prove it!  

Contestants can ask friends, family members, and coworkers to sponsor them for this event and they can earn Free Answer Cards that can be used in any round with exception of the final 3 rounds of play. For every $25 they raise they will receive one card.

Contestant Admission is $40, Audience Admission is $25.  Price includes all-you-can-eat dinner by the bite as well as beverages.  Host Bar provided.  All contestants, including winner, will leave with a contest t-shirt.

Contestants are not required to be a resident of Kenton County to compete or attend.  If you cannot attend but would still like to contribute please consider making a donation to the Smartest Person Fundraiser -- Help Ft. Wright Elementary give educators the tools they need to make all of their children shine!

Event sponsorship opportunities continue to be available.  If you are interested in being an event sponsor, or purchasing tickets, please contact Amy Quinn at 859.663.7159 or [email protected] for more information.

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