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River Sweep: Clean Up the Ohio Shoreline this Weekend

3,000 miles of shoreline and tributaries will be cleaned on Saturday, including along the Northern Kentucky riverfront.

Thousands of volunteers donate time each year for the Ohio River Sweep from Pittsburgh to Cairo, Illinois.

The effort started in 1989 and each year more than 18,000 volunteers from various organizations in six states collect more than 7,000 tons of trash and debris from in and around the river.

Want to volunteer this year? Here are the local contacts:

Boone County

8 a.m. - noon

Petersburg Boat Dock, Rabbit Hash General Store, Big Bone Boat Dock, Split Rock Conservation Park, Belleview McVille on 2nd Street, and Giles Conrad Park (Contact: Kelly Chapman 859.334.3629)

Campbell County 

Thomas More Biological Field Station (9 a.m. - noon, Contact: Chris Lorentz 859.344.3373); Manhattan Harbour Marina (9 a.m., Contact: Joe Walsh or Joe Buchanan 859.261.8800 or 513.562.0282); Pendery Park (10 a.m., Contact: DJ Scully or David Plummer 859.572.2600)

Kenton County

8 a.m. - noon

Waterfront Restaurant site, Licking River Greenway & Trails, Greenup Street & Riverside Drive (Contact: Sheila Fields 859.292.2292); Adela St. off Rt 8 (9 a.m. - noon, Contact: Lisa Gaiser 859.431.2109); Old Boat Ramp Along Pike Street in Bromley (Contact: Mike Young 859.866.8987); Pike St. & Steve Tanner St. in Bromley (9 a.m. - noon, Contact: Greg Rechtin 859.652.3512)

River Sweep is organized by the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission. The agency and others from the surrounding states run programs on water pollution and more.
To learn more about the commission and the Ohio River, click here.

Illustration by Jessica Dunham

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