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Website: 3 of Cincinnati's "Most Underrated Places" in Covington

The website Impulcity has ranked the 15 most underrated places to eat and/or drink in Cincinnati, and three of them aren't in Cincinnati at all -- They're in Covington.

Did your hidden favorite make the list?

Impulcity gives props to Dee Felice:

Cincinnati isn't know for cajun food, but this spot is on point with great food and amazing jazz. This casual, fun atmosphere will let you kick back and relax. Try the Shrimp Po Boy or Crawfish Etouffee. You'll feel like you're really in 'nawlins.

Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar:

We were starting to wonder how close you could be to the Bluegrass State without having a solid bourbon bar. That was until we found out about this place. Their bartenders are bourbon geniuses and you won't find a better selection in the city. There's nothing wrong with ordering an "old fashioned" or a simple bourbon on the rocks here, and you'll never be disappointed. It is a bourbon bar, after all.

And Main Bite:

Sometimes you have to venture off the beaten path to try a healthier alternative. Main Bite is a quaint little restaurant that doesn't get much press, but has some great burger alternatives. Being tucked away from Mainstrauss, it's easy to miss this spot, but you don't want to miss out on those spicy Tilapia Tacos and Florentine Penne!

All three of those spots can be found in Covington's Mainstrasse Village.

Want to see what other places made the list? Visit Impulcity.

Photo: Mainstrasse Village kiosk/RCN file

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