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Photos: Interns Come to Covington for Tour

Two busloads of interns working in the Cincinnati area were brought into Covington on Saturday as part of a tour that aimed to introduce the summer workers to their new city.

In addition to Covington, the interns toured Over-the-Rhine, Oakley, and Northside.

In Covington, they split up for separate walks of Downtown and Mainstrasse Village.

Upon their arrival at the Frank Duveneck statue at Pike & Washington Streets, the interns were greeted by Toyota's Justin Rumao, Hub + Weber's Jim Guthrie, and The River City News's Michael Monks, where they were told about the forthcoming developments, new housing opportunities, and entertainment/dining options.

For more on the purpose of the tour, see RCN's previous article here.

These photos by RCN's Brian Frey are from the interns' arrival: