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Photos: Greased Pig Chased at Kenton County Fair

The Kenton County Fair kicked off Monday night -- and the Barnyard Olympics were a hit!

No event was more... slippery, though, than the annual Greased Pig Chase.

For you city slickers, these country folks grease up a pig and then release a group of competitors to chase the poor little guy. Once the pig is captured, the captor has to bring the pig back to its cage or trailer. 

There are two divisions: junior and open.

These photos from Monday night show you what you missed (and hopefully inspire you not to miss it again!):

 photo IMG_3552_zpsaca21df2.jpg  photo IMG_3553_zpse68d331f.jpg  photo IMG_3554_zps6c0f3c01.jpg  photo IMG_3555_zps1d62661d.jpg  photo IMG_3557_zps8ff005e3.jpg  photo IMG_3558_zps36bd1bc2.jpg  photo IMG_3559_zpsdb61ff10.jpg  photo IMG_3560_zpsf39cac00.jpg  photo IMG_3561_zpsbc4c2afb.jpg  photo IMG_3562_zpse3501071.jpg  photo IMG_3563_zps72d61763.jpg  photo IMG_3564_zpsed304c8b.jpg  photo IMG_3565_zps779c77b3.jpg  photo IMG_3566_zpsdb447294.jpg  photo IMG_3567_zpsef73b3c5.jpg  photo IMG_3570_zpsbf4a5ad3.jpg  photo IMG_3572_zpscd8cb57e.jpg  photo IMG_3573_zps3505935f.jpg  photo IMG_3576_zps44784102.jpg  photo IMG_3577_zpsdbeae96e.jpg  photo IMG_3578_zps0a4eb624.jpg  photo IMG_3579_zps5289c493.jpg  photo IMG_3580_zps334ea4f4.jpg  photo IMG_3581_zps147cf9df.jpg  photo IMG_3582_zps196a7ad1.jpg  photo IMG_3583_zps6f1be4bc.jpg  photo IMG_3584_zps7c0adeb8.jpg  photo IMG_3585_zps8bd81cd8.jpg  photo IMG_3586_zpseaf0ac95.jpg  photo IMG_3587_zpse85534f8.jpg  photo IMG_3588_zps39ce2fe7.jpg  photo IMG_3590_zpsbe5703be.jpg  photo IMG_3591_zps8cd84c66.jpg

The Kenton County Fair runs through Saturday! For more information, click here.

Photos by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

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