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Photos: What to Expect at Kenton County Fair

It was a beautiful start to the Kenton County Fair on Monday!

The sky threatened to dump a ton of rain, but fair-goers lucked out and only got a little drizzle sprinkled on their funnel cakes. And the good news is that this week's weather looks wonderful -- so get out to the Kenton County Fair Grounds on Harris Pike through Saturday to enjoy!

If you couldn't make it Monday, you missed the hilarious Greased Pig Chase. But there's plenty more to see this week.

These photos are from Monday:

 photo IMG_3528_zps521979e8.jpg  photo IMG_3529_zpse7c91e51.jpg  photo IMG_3530_zps5c996bb3.jpg  photo IMG_3531_zps08ea3a9d.jpg  photo IMG_3534_zpsfd7e05a4.jpg  photo IMG_3536_zps97577c6c.jpg  photo IMG_3537_zpsa92a1df6.jpg  photo IMG_3541_zps3604bbda.jpg  photo IMG_3542_zpsa79481a6.jpg  photo IMG_3543_zps2b9e184f.jpg  photo IMG_3544_zps7e742d2d.jpg  photo IMG_3545_zps06ef0176.jpg  photo IMG_3546_zps975ea1b6.jpg  photo IMG_3547_zpsc738b389.jpg  photo IMG_3550_zpsafa24a77.jpg  photo IMG_3592_zpsc2842998.jpg  photo IMG_3594_zps87fa23d9.jpg  photo IMG_3595_zpsc27ab040.jpg  photo IMG_3596_zpsc883e20b.jpg  photo IMG_3598_zpsfb7bad27.jpg  photo IMG_3599_zps8757de7b.jpg  photo IMG_3600_zpsb34a7d5d.jpg  photo IMG_3602_zpsbd763e3e.jpg  photo IMG_3603_zps1f1ce4af.jpg  photo IMG_3605_zps7718de3e.jpg  photo IMG_3606_zps30b195e7.jpg  photo IMG_3609_zps5f13830d.jpg  photo IMG_3612_zps0125646d.jpg  photo IMG_3613_zps9bc2469b.jpg  photo IMG_3614_zps6f2809dd.jpg  photo IMG_3616_zps4afa878c.jpg  photo IMG_3617_zps4bd6750c.jpg  photo IMG_3618_zpsa064b012.jpg  photo IMG_3619_zps6af28f77.jpg  photo IMG_3620_zps7d0b75d0.jpg  photo IMG_3621_zps3cd1c793.jpg  photo IMG_3622_zps1dc874e2.jpg  photo IMG_3623_zps2a120cd2.jpg  photo IMG_3625_zps2942bad9.jpg