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Photos: Skyline Chili Coney Eating Contest at Kenton Co. Fair

Six contestants took to a table to consume as many Skyline Chili coneys that they could, but in the end, the result was the same for the third straight year!

James Augur was the victor!

The champion downed nine coneys in three minutes, defeating a Kenton Co. Police officer (8 coneys), and four students (7, 5, 4, and 4 coneys).

Here are some photos from the contest which took place at intermission of the tractor and truck pull competitions and was sponsored by the Holland Restaurant Group:

 photo IMG_3823_zps34385f64.jpg  photo IMG_3824_zps66e71760.jpg  photo IMG_3826_zpsab77da0c.jpg  photo IMG_3827_zpscd5e8306.jpg  photo IMG_3828_zps3deac793.jpg  photo IMG_3829_zps337e5a92.jpg  photo IMG_3830_zpsb16d88fe.jpg  photo IMG_3831_zpsa30addbe.jpg  photo IMG_3832_zps236c2ba2.jpg  photo IMG_3833_zpsceb611e6.jpg  photo IMG_3834_zpse3d76363.jpg  photo IMG_3835_zps87ec9f75.jpg  photo IMG_3836_zps7b427a34.jpg  photo IMG_3837_zps52d9f660.jpg  photo IMG_3838_zpsceb61db3.jpg  photo IMG_3839_zps31f5d464.jpg  photo IMG_3840_zps0a7c092c.jpg  photo IMG_3841_zps8edb7566.jpg  photo IMG_3842_zps68307a11.jpg  photo IMG_3843_zps1d47be76.jpg  photo IMG_3844_zps9e4cab82.jpg  photo IMG_3846_zps560a1386.jpg  photo IMG_3847_zpsb086d1ff.jpg  photo IMG_3849_zps14fdd6b8.jpg  photo IMG_3850_zpsf2d34c53.jpg  photo IMG_3851_zpse4455c52.jpg  photo IMG_3852_zpsc4c99e3f.jpg