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Former Covington Mayor to Seek Same Office in Villa Hills

Butch Callery, who was elected Covington mayor in 2000 and served through 2008 (with two decades as a city commissioner prior to that), is seeking to lead the City of Villa Hills.

Callery moved to Villa Hills a few years ago. He was defeated for reelection in 2008 by Denny Bowman.

Current Villa Hills Mayor Mike Martin has been at odds with some city council members for several years and some city council meeting have been raucous affairs involving accusations and shouting matches between the mayor, city council members, and people attending the meetings.
Mayor Martin has been embroiled in controversy over administrative charges he filed against the city’s former police chief, a lawsuit filed against him by a former city police detective and building inspector, and allegations that the mayor improperly burned city documents and violated the city’s ethics ordinances.
Martin has not yet filed for reelection and has not indicated publicly whether he would. 
“I am running for mayor because I want to bring more professionalism to the mayor’s office and stability to city government, which I think is what the citizens of Villa Hills want,” said Callery, who previously was recognized as an outstanding elected official by four different civic groups.
Callery said his platform for mayor will focus on financial transparency, public safety, and road and infrastructure improvements.
“Villa Hills is a great city, recognized nationally as one of the best places to live and raise a family, but the controversy on city council has diminished our image, and that needs to change,” Callery said, who has served on the Villa Hills Civil Service Board since 2013.
Ernie Brown, known as "The Fat Man" to his listeners on 97.3 "The Wolf" (WYGY), a country radio station, is also running for mayor. Brown is the leader of the Villa Hills Civic Club.
Callery said that his 29 years serving in public office in Covington, where he rose from neighborhood activist to the mayor of Northern Kentucky’s largest city, provides him with the experience needed to deal with the issues and individuals in Villa Hills.
“I am, and always have been, a collaborator,” Callery said. “I think that is competency that the city needs right now.”
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