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Letter to Fellow Citizens from Woman Robbed in Broad Daylight and Not Helped

Dear Covington,
This past Sunday I was robbed in broad daylight and at the end of the day losing all the cash in my wallet is negligible compared to the overwhelming disappointment in the community that witnessed it.
My afternoon was the same as any other, after working my serving shift at a local Mainstrasse restaurant, I watched the last few classic cars rumble out of the village.
I didn’t want to walk in front of the construction at 602 Main Street while the traffic was so busy, instead choosing to take my normal detour through the parking lot behind Zola and Strasse Haus that would put me on Sixth Street near Stoneys’s Gifts. Before the details know that as a resident of this area for seven years I take far more precautions than most to protect myself. In the final ten feet before the Sixth Street sidewalk, he approached me from behind grabbing my arm pulling it behind my back. This young white male quickly snapped my wallet from its safety strap attached to my wrist, we both paused. He ran. I ran.
My instincts kicked in... what does he look like?
As we sprinted south behind local businesses, patrons were enjoying their lazy Sundays on the back patio of Up Over and folks were heading toward Main Street for happy hour. I started screaming his description:­ “STOP!”, “Someone stop that kid in the RED SHIRT!”, “That Kid in the RED SHIRT just robbed me!”, “Stop him!”
We both kept sprinting, now on Willard crossing Eighth Street, my dear friend who was sitting on his porch joined the chase barefoot. I continue to yell his description as we pursue, and folks are watering their landscape, walking dogs, and there was even a couple with a stroller: “Someone PLEASE STOP him, that kid in the red!”.
He quickly turns right, then left. My friend must abandon the chase, as the streets were unforgiving to his shoeless feet. I lost him on Ninth, the red shirt was gone.
You will say many things about this series of events: my choice to pursue him, that Covington or Mainstrasse is full of crime and more; ­None of that matters.
What should be considered is that in one of Covington’s most community-oriented neighborhoods, during a busy, beautiful Sunday afternoon, a young woman was robbed, she begged for help from over a dozen capable people and none of them did anything. Maybe it wasn’t your responsibility to help or maybe you assessed the situation as too dangerous, either way I do not want to live in a community that doesn’t at least try to defend each other from petty crime. If I was your sister, daughter, cousin, mother, niece or friend would you have joined the pursuit?
At the end of the day it was not losing my wallet to the kid in the red shirt that kept me restless, it is holding on to all my reasons for working hard everyday to make this community a better place for folks who won’t stop to help unless it concerns them.
Always yours,
A Covingtonian.
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