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Covington's New Madlot Announces First Performers

The funky new pop-up performance park in Downtown Covington will be christened with its first show on Saturday, August 2.

The first bands to perform on the site have been announced.

Covington will welcome Common Center at 7 p.m. and then The Sweep at 8:30 p.m.

The first event will also feature an expo on other upcoming events, according to organizers.

The parking lot at the corner of Seventh & Washington Streets is the target of a colorful new approach to outdoor entertainment in the city. Earlier this month, we learned that it would be called Madlot, named for the new effort to identify parts of Downtown Covington as "Madland", a celebration of the arts & music scene spearheaded by Pike Street creative firm BLDG.

Volunteers have painted the black asphalt in a colorful way to create a sort of seamless flow from the ground to the surrounding murals (one of which will soon be somewhat altered to make way for a new garage door for the arrival of the Braxton Brewing Company) and have also helped to plant attractive new landscaping.

You can check out more about the August 2 event by visiting the event page on Facebook.

Photo: Madlot/RCN file