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Libertarian Party Continues Push to Place US Senate Candidate on Kentucky Ballot

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is completing the ballot access drive to place Libertarian David Patterson on the ballot for the November election.
Patterson is running for the US Senate and would challenge incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell and Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes. 
State Chair Ken Moellman has been leading the ballot access drive. "We're over halfway there. We're still collecting and we're still validating," Moellman said in a news release. Moellman is the most recent Libertarian to gain access to the ballot in a statewide race outside of the presidential race, running for state treasurer in 2011. "We expect to be complete by July 31."
Last week, independent Ed Marksberry announced that he was dropping his bid for the senate, meaning that if successful, Patterson would be the third of three candidates to appear on the November ballot.
"I thank (Marksberry) for stepping forward to improve public discourse," Patterson said in a news release. "The petitioning process for those who aren't Democrats or Republicans is brutal, and it is unfortunate that it has caused a legitimate candidate to no longer be a choice for voters in the fall."
Moellman noted that Libertarians have collected 4,000 signatures of the target of 8,000 raw signatures. Full-time petitioners are collecting signatures throughout the state at a rate of 2,000 signatures per week and a team is validating those signatures. "We want to be finished ahead of Fancy Farm," Moellman said. "We've asked to be included in Fancy Farm and other upcoming events, and we know that event organizers want to know that we're going to be on the ballot. Let me assure them that we're very serious. David Patterson will be on the ballot."

Democrats and Republicans only need two signatures to run for US Senate. All others need a minimum of 5,000 signatures. The deadline for petition submission is August 12.
From the Libertarian Party of Kentucky
Photo: David Patterson via his campaign Facebook page
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