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17 Reasons Latonia is the Region's Best Kept Urban Secret

As the Northern Kentucky River Cities gain momentum with new residents, businesses, and developments, there has been a lot of talk about the renaissance in Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, and Ludlow. But there's another urban center ripe for new life, too.

Latonia, the central Covington neighborhood that was its own city until 1909, has an impressive collection of historic buildings in what used to be its downtown. So, why can't it be a sort of "downtown" again? Latonia has all the amenities any urban dweller would want, or at least the potential for it. Plus, it's a short commute by car or bike to Downtown Covington and an even shorter jaunt to Interstate 275 or Taylor Mill. 

It's where urban meets suburban in Northern Kentucky.

Here are 17 reasons that Latonia is the region's best kept urban secret:

1. Ritte's Corner

 photo IMG_4052_zpsf66ed9cf.jpg

This historic five-way intersection is surrounded by beautiful old buildings that remind us of a time when the center of a small town was "where it's at". 

In a lot of ways, Ritte's Corner is still "where it's at". Most of the storefronts are filled -- but there are other affordable ones waiting for the next round of entrepreneurs looking for an urban environment.

You can take in the view of the entire corner at the Korean War Memorial fountain, too.

2. Affordable Housing in Historic Neighborhood

 photo latoniahousing_zps530ef0c5.png

Looking to buy or rent? You can't beat the prices in Latonia. Residents of the tree-lined and mostly quiet streets are so proud of them, that they asked a young producer to make a video about them.

Next, the City of Covington and the Center for Great Neighborhoods are working with the neighborhood association to have the area placed on the National Register (where Ritte's Corner is already listed).

3. Donuts you can walk to

 photo IMG_4055_zps97a0323a.jpg

At Bernhard's Bakery, there are no frills, no trendy creations, and no pumped up faux buzz. There's just really awesome donuts. And cakes. And pies. Get ya some.

4. Holy Cross Church

 photo IMG_4061_zpsf0f72945.jpg

In a city blessed with iconic churches like the Basilica and Mother of God, Holy Cross Church holds its own in terms of architectural beauty. On Church Street, incidently. A great place to walk past with your family or dog, and even better one to stop in to get your prayer on.

Don't miss Latonia Baptist or Latonia Christian, either. They're both beautiful old buildings, too.

5. Golf, anyone?

 photo twinoaks_zpsda7bda3c.jpg

How about a round of golf in the middle of a city? You can find that at Twin Oaks Golf & Plantation Club. Not a golfer? Well worth a visit, anyway, just for lunch or dinner! You may even spot a beautiful bride or two celebrating their big day!

6. Swing This!

 photo joedaniels_zps52cb0bf2.jpg

Want to get ripped? Let trainer Joe Daniels get you there at his Swing This Kettlebell & Strength Studio. Behind all those muscles is a funny and encouraging personality -- and he LOVES Latonia.

7. Old School Dessert Action

 photo IMG_4087_zpsbd17bff7.jpg

After burning calories swinging kettlebells, hit the old school Dairy Queen walk-up window. You've earned it! 

No summer night is complete without a Blizzard of the Month. Plus, you'll always run into somebody you know!

8. Historic architecture

 photo IMG_4057_zps8297d0c0.jpg

 photo IMG_4065_zps52e4b6e7.jpg

 photo IMG_4058_zps57a4cf0b.jpg

Walk around Latonia's business district or residential areas and prepare to trip over something -- because your eyes will looking upward at all the nineteenth and early twentieth century architecture.

It's even better to gawk at when you know that can own some of it!

9. Kentucky Theater Building

 photo IMG_4059_zps32a03d07.jpg

We're lucky to still have such an awesome building from the heyday of neighborhood cinemas and even luckier that it's being used by professional offices. But with a marquee like that, and one that proudly boasts the name of our great state, wouldn't it be cool if this were the site of some regular nighttime entertainment again?

10. Jazzercise

 photo IMG_4054_zpscb28652a.jpg

Yes, you can still Jazzercise in Latonia!

11. AM 1320 WCVG

 photo IMG_4074_zpsae385c41.jpg

Every proud city should have a radio station broadcasting from it -- and Latonia does! WCVG is an urban gospel formatted station that sends its happy music out to the universe from a field behind the Kroger.

12. Your kids will get a great education

 photo IMG_4060_zps05cbe97a.jpg

Holy Cross is home to the 2011 state football champions -- and also to a top notch education for kids of all ages. Last year, school leaders touted their academic success, economic impact on the city, and its plans for the future.

 photo IMG_4069_zpsf8fb3365.jpg

Latonia Elementary School is a top-notch location for your kids' education. Cardinal Pride runs deep in these parts! Latonia's Ninth District School is also a fine place and also part of Covington Independent Public Schools.

13. Community-driven projects

Kids at Latonia Elementary wanted a better playground...

 photo IMG_4070_zpscba54d5c.jpg they're building one.

They wanted a community garden...

 photo IMG_4071_zps36058233.jpg

...and now they have one.

14. Bring the outdoors inside!

 photo IMG_4066_zpseeae082b.jpg

No need to retreat to the woods to shoot your crossbow. Just head to Center Shot Archery, the new indoor range that opened last August.

 photo IMG_20130807_151427_zps27ed77df.jpg

15. Trains!

If you love trains, this may be the best neighborhood in America.

 photo IMG_4064_zpsb9e8a6e1.jpg

Yes, trains are always rolling through town, and yes, you will be stopped by them.

But Latonia knows this trick:

 photo carolineunderpassreopens_zpsce0c8715.png

But for the train enthusiasts, there's this shop:

 photo IMG_4084_zpsafa4107e.jpg

And the Greater Cincinnati Railway Museum!

 photo railwaymuseum_zps36711013.jpg

16. Shop and Eat!

Lynna's Grill is a classic -- and was the site of at least one statewide commercial shoot:

 photo IMG_4077_zpsc40b60a2.jpg

Plus, new shops are opening around, from games and antiques, to e-cigarette stores and oxygen bars! What's your business plan? This may be just the place for it!

 photo IMG_4076_zps691a160b.jpg  photo IMG_4056_zpsa9f29e92.jpg

17. Something is going to happen here...

 photo IMG_4073_zps44ea183e.jpg

Something is going to happen at the Latonia Shopping Center, right? The real estate is too valuable, and neighborhood leaders have listed its redevelopment as a priority. It's certainly fallen on hard times, with the Value City Furniture store and other smaller shops, including local favorite, Supreme Nut Candy, closing. But -- city officials have expressed optimism about the site and it was said that the property's owners, the Schottenstein Group, is interested in working with a partner in redeveloping the site.

Wouldn't you want to be around to see that happen? The potential is huge! What do you think should happen here?

What do you think about Latonia? It's a pretty awesome place, right? Let us know at The River City News Facebook page, Twitter feed, or email us!

-Compiled by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

All photos by Michael Monks, except Twin Oaks which comes from the golf course's Facebook page and Joe Daniels which comes from Swing This's Facebook page