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With Paint, Pots in Place, Madlot is Ready to Rock

Are you ready to rock?

Madlot is.

The pop-up performance park will be the city's latest entertainment destination, with a debut on Saturday night.

The parking lot at Seventh & Washington Streets was transformed by volunteers over a few weekends during which it was painted, planters were built, and a stage was placed. The project is the result of a grant awarded to Renaissance Covington with the help of MKSK Architects and BLDG. The name Madlot was chosen to make it part of the new effort to re-brand part of Downtown Covington as Madland where the arts and music are celebrated.

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The idea is to use the space in a manner that is quick to set up and quick to remove.

On Saturday night, the first event features performances by Common Center and The Sweep. Braxton Brewing Company, the micro-brewery opening in the Covington Arts building next door, will have free giveaways. Reser Bicycle Outfitters will be on site for free bike tune-ups. NKY Pride will be on hand to talk about its plans for a fall event at Madlot. Art Off Pike will be back with its graffiti boards and will promote its September event.

All the fun starts at 7 p.m.

Here are some photos of the volunteers placing the planters:

 photo IMG_3665_zpsf8eaaa1f.jpg  photo IMG_3666_zps3b3b011d.jpg  photo IMG_3667_zpsb1ac0a45.jpg  photo IMG_3668_zps023338d7.jpg  photo IMG_3669_zps9584b1a5.jpg  photo IMG_3670_zpsadfff87c.jpg  photo IMG_3671_zps93961025.jpg  photo IMG_3672_zps8ee6e34f.jpg  photo IMG_3673_zps565ecf54.jpg  photo IMG_3674_zps22cc24c2.jpg  photo IMG_3675_zps9e56f0b1.jpg  photo IMG_3676_zpsd6244551.jpg  photo IMG_3677_zps37ff8937.jpg  photo IMG_4089_zpsa25cdd5e.jpg  photo IMG_4090_zpsad2fd769.jpg  photo IMG_4092_zps41e2a8e0.jpg  photo IMG_4093_zpsf7dbace1.jpg