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Photos: Madlot Makes Debut in Downtown Covington

The region's newest performance destination made its debut on Saturday night.

Madlot, the new pop-up performance space created in a parking lot at Seventh & Washington Streets in Covington, welcomed a great crowd to take in food, drinks, and live music.

The concept was created through a grant awarded to Renaissance Covington and volunteers spent a few weekends painting the parking lot and building planters and a stage. The idea is to be able to use the space for performances and then to quickly tear it down so that it can be used again as a parking lot.

RCN's Brian Frey was there on Saturday and produced these photos:

 photo Madlot8214079_zps0d9c7ba8.jpg  photo Madlot8214076_zps79995571.jpg  photo Madlot8214073_zps55dc8d7f.jpg  photo Madlot8214072_zps431aa7b9.jpg  photo Madlot8214068_zps1cea5146.jpg  photo Madlot8214065_zpsaf984af3.jpg  photo Madlot8214059_zps4c0acad3.jpg  photo Madlot8214047_zps8100ceca.jpg  photo Madlot8214037_zps2c9d890b.jpg  photo Madlot8214031_zps6027b25f.jpg  photo Madlot8214024_zps7e321098.jpg  photo Madlot8214023_zps8e153092.jpg  photo Madlot8214020_zps257cc424.jpg  photo Madlot8214019_zps38c57955.jpg  photo Madlot8214017_zpseef1eec9.jpg  photo Madlot8214016_zps12737157.jpg  photo Madlot8214013_zps5b454c4b.jpg  photo Madlot8214006_zps7bfc0613.jpg  photo Madlot8214003_zpsb6bdf5ff.jpg  photo Madlot8214001_zps8dad83ea.jpg