Waterfront Restaurant Sinking in Boone County

More trouble for The Waterfront, the former floating restaurant on the Covington riverfront is now sinking in Boone County.

"Just another day in paradigm," owner Jeff Ruby tweeted with the above photo.

WLWT reporter Brian Hamrick said on Twitter that the Waterfront was struck by a tugboat a few weeks ago and that workers were removing the contents.

The Waterfront broke free from its mooring at the Covington riverfront in 2011 and has been closed since. The City of Covington worked closely with Ruby to bring the restaurant back, this time to Covington Landing. The announcement brought a lot of excitement and new renderings of what the Waterfront would look like in its second incarnation.

But then it broke loose again and was shipped down river to Boone County where it is currently sinking.

It was previously announced that Ruby would rebuild the Waterfront on land instead of as a floating restaurant, but would still locate it at Covington Landing.

This story will be updated when more information is known.