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Photos: Glier's Goettafest in Newport

A great crowd turned out for Glier's Goettafest in Newport on Friday night!

And the even better news is that you have two more chances to go! Check out the festival on the Newport riverfront from noon to 11 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 9 p.m. on Sunday.

For more information, visit the festival's website: Click Here

RCN's Brian Frey went to Goettafest on Friday and produced these photos:

 photo GoettaFest8814085_zps81b15c24.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814069_zps9f3de544.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814063_zpse2122f58.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814056_zpsf81ac2c7.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814053_zpsa3c4e890.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814047_zps62c2bcaf.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814044_zps5bafe39c.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814040_zpsbd099d40.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814039_zps0fcb1614.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814031_zps97feee46.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814030_zpsbb9a56a0.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814027_zpscf151bcd.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814024_zps3e0cd588.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814016_zps64c6c64f.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814008_zpsefb7b4a5.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814007_zps04054a8e.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814006_zpsd29b5e13.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814005_zpscc7b83fc.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814004_zps91c74ac8.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814003_zps2b141218.jpg  photo GoettaFest8814002_zps270b5a2a.jpg