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Kenton County Elections: Who's Running

The race is on in Kenton County!

Tuesday was the filing deadline for all races in the county that did not have to go through the May primary.

Some highlights: Ft. Mitchell will have a new mayor as Chris Wiest has opted not to seek another term; Villa Hills has four candidates running for its top job, including embattled incumbent Mike Martin, a radio personality, a current council member, and a former Covington mayor; Taylor Mill will have the exact same government it has had as no one is challenging Mayor Dan Bell and all four city commissioners are seeking reelection without any additional challengers, and the same is true for Park Hills where six council members and the mayor will be unopposed; Two council members will square off for the mayor's job in Bromley; A council member will challenge Mayor Marty Lenhof in Elsmere; Three current members of the Ludlow City Council will not run again; Covington School Board's two available seats will be challenged: Incumbents Jerry Avery and Julie Geisen Scheper are on the ballot and are being challenged by Diane Brumback. 

Here is the full list:

Beechwood School Board (elect three) (i) = incumbent

Jeanne Berger (i)

Bradford Hood (i)

Norine Sullivan

Anisa Willis

Richard Zellen

Bromley City Council (elect six)

Rob Couch

Charles Foulks (i)

Nancy Kienker

Kaleb Miller

Gail Smith (i)

Bromley Mayor

Donald Lee Jobe

Greg Rechtin

Covington Independent School Board (elect two)

Jerry Avery (i)

Diane Brumback

Julie Geisen Scheper (i)

Crescent Springs City Council (elect six)

Christie Arlinghaus (i)

Mike Daugherty 

Bob Mueller

Louis Prabell (i)

Roger Dale Ramsey (i)

Thomas Vergamini (i)

Matthew Zeck (i)

Crescent Springs Mayor

Lou Hartfiel

Crestview Hills City Council (elect six)

Tim Adair

Colleen Collins Bright (i)

William C Dorsey 

David Kramer (i)

Joseph Roesel

Frank Sommerkamp, Jr. (i)

Crestview Hills Mayor

Paul Meier (i)

Edgewood City Council (elect seven)

Nancy Carr Arkinson (i)

Ben Barlage (i)

Dale Henson (i)

Chris Link (i)

Joe Messmer (i)

Scott Scholz

Jeff Schreiver (i)

Robert Thelen

Anthony Ward (i)

Edgewood Mayor

John Link (i)

Elsmere City Council (elect six)

Joanne Barnett-Smith (i)

Nancy Bowman (i)

Billy Bradford (i)

Gloria Grubbs (i)

Mary Lou Neal (i)

Serena Owen

Alexis Tanner

Elsmere Mayor

Timothy Greene

Donald Martin Lenhof (i)

Erlanger City Council (elect twelve)

Randy Blankenship (i)

James Brown (i)

Kevin Burke (i)

Thomas Cahill  (i)

Kathy Cahill (i)

John "JD" Dunhoft (i)

Bill Howard (i)

Victoria Kyle (i)

Shane Longshore (i)

Gary Meyer 

Corine Pitts (i)

Renee Skidmore (i)

Don Skidmore

Jim Speier

Patty Suedkamp (i)

Erlanger Mayor

Tyson Hermes

Thomas L. Rouse (i)

Erlanger-Elsmere Independent School Board (elect three)

Robin Cooper (i)

Rick Ernst (i)

Tom Luken (i)

Ft. Mitchell City Council (elect eight)

Paul Jeffrey Bethel

Vicki Boerger (i)

Mary Burns (i)

Jennifer Hales

Joseph Hayes

Frank Hicks (i)

Kim Nachazel (i)

Renee Oka

Edward Reis

Dan Rice (i)

Beth Rose

Michael Stoeckle

Nick Yannarella

Dennis Zahler (i)

Ft. Mitchell Mayor

Jude Hehman

James Hummeldorf II

Ft. Wright City Council (elect six)

Dave Abeln (i)

Joe Averdick (i)

Adam Feinauer (i)

Tony Hennies

Mike Hoerlein

Scott Wall (i)

Bernie Wessels (i)

Ft. Wright Mayor

David Hatter

Lakeside Park City Council (elect six)

Andrew Disken (i)

Dennis Landwehr (i)

David Leonard

Paul Markgraf (i)

Aimee Pelletier (i)

David Wolfer (i)

Lakeside Park Mayor

David Jansing (i)

Ludlow City Council (elect six)

Tom Amann (i)

Dan Ashcraft

Josh Boone (i)

Michele Cartwright

John Collins

Artie Malone

Bill Mullins (i)

Julia Navarre

Bill Whiteley

Ludlow Independent School Board (elect three)

Stephen Anthony Chapman (i)

Amy Hayden (i)

William McMillen (i)

Ludlow Mayor

Ken Wynn (i)

Park Hills City Council (elect six)

Greg Claypole (i)

Steve Elkins (i)

Skip Fangman (i)

Monty O'Hara (i)

Pamela Spoor (i)

Kathy Zembrodt (i)

Park Hills Mayor

Don Catchen

Taylor Mill Commissioners (elect four)

Debby Kreimborg (i)

Ed Kuehne (i)

Daniel Murray (i)

Roger Reis (i)

Taylor Mill Mayor

Dan Bell (i)

Villa Hills City Council (elect six)

Summer Berger

George Bruns

David Hilgeford

Gregory Kilburn

Mary Koenig (i)

Scott Ringo

​Tim Sogar

Jennifer Yost Vaden

Gary Waugaman

Brian Wischer (i)

Villa Hills Mayor

Ernest Brown

Butch Callery

Mike Martin (i)

Holly Menninger-Isenhour

Photo: Kenton County Courthouse in Independence/RCN

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