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After Man Shoots from Trailer and Chokes Dog, Ludlow Officers & K9 Honored for Bravery

Awards were handed out for the bravery of two SWAT team members and a K9 and his deputy from Kenton County Sheriff's Office during Thursday's city council meeting.

Detective Miguel Rodriguez and Lieutenant Bart Beck were joined by Kenton County tactical K9, Santo, in being given citations of bravery after arresting a man who fired shots at officers from inside his mobile home.

Following a number of hours with the man barricaded inside his home, the police determined that tear gas had to be used. After the chemicals were deployed and the man still hadn't surrendered, K9-handler Rodriguez deployed Santo who immediately found the suspect.

After a period of time with the dog inside the trailer, the leash went slack and they could no longer hear Santo. Both Beck and Rodriguez then entered the trailer and found the man choking the dog unconscious. Officers physically engaged with the suspect causing him to drop the dog, where Santo regained consciousness and bit the man, subduing him enough to allow the officers to arrest him.

Many firearms were found within reach of the perpetrator after the arrest was made and the canine vest on Santo had been punctured from an edge weapon during the struggle. Santo was not hurt in the incident.

Many family members of the awarded officers were in attendance for the ceremony. Santo's award was pinned to his police harness.

Additionally, Ludlow Police Officer Greg Eastham was promoted to Sergeant at Thursday's meeting.

This story has been updated to reflect that the SWAT team members are not with the Ludlow Police Department and that the incident did not happen in Ludlow

Written by Bryan Burke, Associate Editor

Photo: Citation for Bravery via Ludlow Police Department