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Vacant Furniture Store Now Technology Hub in Downtown Covington

A building that was part of Downtown Covington's retail heyday is back in a new critical role in the city's renaissance.

For decades, Louis Marx & Sons was one of several furniture destinations downtown -- and now, the Marx Building will be known as the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Enterprise, and is the first completely remodeled building that will make up the sprawling urban metro campus for Gateway Community & Technical College.

Gateway, which is moving along quickly in its completion of an $80 million campus in Downtown Covington, purchased the building in October 2012.

 photo marxfurniture_zpsa06d707d.jpg

Marx Furniture/via Kenton Co. Public Library

Many of the programs that will be offered in the renovated building have been temporarily housed in the Odd Fellows Hall. The building was acquired for $1.4 million and the renovation cost $3.6 million according to numbers released at the time of the urban campus announcement.

Meanwhile, Gateway is already at work on the former Citizens Bank building at the corner of Pike Street & Madison Avenue where a Barnes & Noble college bookstore will operate and on the former Abode Furniture building which will become the Professional Services Center and house the cosmetology and massage programs and will open in early 2015.

Gateway also recently closed on the former YMCA building, the future workforce development/student services/childcare center that will open in 2017.

The college was also granted a bond issuance from the state with a local match worth a combined $15 million for new construction. The school has not yet said which project will benefit from that, though the urban campus plans call for a newly constructed science and alled health classroom building on the 600 block of Scott Boulevard.

The River City News's  Jerod Theobald got a sneak peek inside the renovated Marx Building, now the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Enterprise, or the TIE Building (the facade of which will be completed this weekend), and took these photos:

 photo IMG_1979_zps019e8adf.jpg  photo IMG_1978_zps7cc00760.jpg  photo IMG_1977_zps02d813bd.jpg  photo IMG_1976_zps9c6fa839.jpg  photo IMG_1975_zpsd344730e.jpg  photo IMG_1974_zpsd1b656bb.jpg  photo IMG_1973_zps308e868a.jpg  photo IMG_1972_zps8317076c.jpg  photo IMG_1971_zps86dba043.jpg  photo IMG_1970_zps8ab07b2a.jpg  photo IMG_1969_zpsaf73d918.jpg  photo IMG_1968_zps61b5d61f.jpg  photo IMG_1967_zpsb3bcd481.jpg  photo IMG_1966_zpsca9efc90.jpg  photo IMG_1965_zps93ed88a3.jpg  photo IMG_1964_zpsa6bc7511.jpg  photo IMG_1963_zpsc347209f.jpg  photo IMG_1962_zpsc958bb8d.jpg  photo IMG_1961_zps41c6a16a.jpg  photo IMG_1960_zps1b2f92ac.jpg  photo IMG_1959_zps7c31cf48.jpg  photo IMG_1958_zps5672c8ba.jpg  photo IMG_1956_zps04e31db9.jpg  photo IMG_1955_zps4183b52d.jpg  photo IMG_1954_zps4b3f20a2.jpg  photo IMG_1953_zpse596caa1.jpg  photo IMG_1952_zps6a054ba1.jpg  photo IMG_1951_zps11a75ff1.jpg  photo IMG_1950_zpscf4f4c2f.jpg  photo IMG_1949_zpsd2a6bc28.jpg  photo IMG_1948_zpse24be4d8.jpg  photo IMG_1947_zps9e54a859.jpg  photo IMG_1946_zps2e59fe48.jpg  photo IMG_1945_zps4f77ea32.jpg  photo IMG_1944_zps7e598742.jpg  photo IMG_1943_zps57a26b90.jpg  photo IMG_1942_zpsc998497f.jpg