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Crowd Flocks to Park for "Make Goebel Great" Concert

The effort to Make Goebel Great attracted a big crowd for its first event.

A grassroots effort to re-imagine what this important city green space could be is led by local children, parents, neighbors, and businesses. On Sunday night, the twin boys who started it all took the stage with their band, The Rocket Flys​, opening for popular local band The Turkeys as families and neighbors enjoyed picnics, beer, split the pot raffles, cornhole, bubbles, watching goats eat hillside brush, and cheering on the revitalization effort.

A pump track for bicyclists was also installed by Riding Forward as an example of a larger one the group hopes to place in the park.

On Sunday, Goebel Park was the scene of a joyous occasion taken in by children and adults alike.

All proceeds from the concert benefit the Make Goebel Great project.

RCN's Brian Frey took these photos:

 photo MakeGoebelGreat102_zps7118d793.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat098_zpsce0f6178.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat096_zpsfa6aad88.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat093_zps9957725e.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat086_zps07af31e6.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat081_zpseb4b1f22.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat070_zps2bc2dc97.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat064_zps26f92ea7.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat058_zps2c7d9133.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat055_zpsb6d62c79.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat052_zps1d89b7d8.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat024_zps3e0ac5ff.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat023_zpsd2bbe571.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat021_zpscc12c65f.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat020_zps06c7bbad.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat018_zps40944cef.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat017_zps06ee1e5d.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat016_zpsd641e049.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat015_zpse16efabf.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat012_zps219717e2.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat007_zpseb9ba69d.jpg  photo MakeGoebelGreat002_zpsb1f08667.jpg