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After Being Diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes, this Northern Kentucky Girl Takes Aim at a Cure

Shortly after being diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes at age 5, Peyton Anne (Pippi) Blank got busy. Already an active kindergartener, she then had the extra burden of having to learn about blood sugar and meter testing and insulin levels and body chemistry confusing even to most adults.
She decided that managing her own disease wasn’t enough; she wanted to do her share to help others and assist in efforts to find a cure for everyone. Pippi’s Peeps was born out of her desire to do just that.
Six years later, this intrepid 11-year old and her organization have held Banana Bread Caravans, pizza parties, t-shirt Drives, organized walks, and volunteered at other events on their way to raising thousands of dollars for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
Pippi’s Peeps' most recent project literally takes aim at raising money for a cure – through custom paper targets sold at a local range.
“I was trying to find something really unique to raise more money for JDRF,” Pippi said. “Safe target shooting on a range is really popular in this area. People have to buy targets so I thought why not buy a Pippi target and give the money to help fund research!”
The large paper targets featuring 3 pink aiming rings and the iconic PEEP were created by Pippi’s Peeps’ marketing partner, MOTOR Brand Marketing, and printing was donated by SGS. They are sold exclusively at SHOOTER’S Supply & Range in Independence, KY and every penny of the target’s $5.00 cost is sent to JDRF.
“We’re really proud to be able to help Pippi with this and so far response has been incredible,” said Alex Logsdon, SHOOTER’S owner. “She’s such a great little gal with a huge heart (and) also quite a creative businesswoman!”
SHOOTER’S and Pippi estimate they’ll sell out the initial print run of the targets by the end of the summer, netting up to a $1,500 donation for JDRF. “Our goal is to present one of those really big checks to JDRF at the big fundraising walk in September,” Pippi said.
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