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This 150-Year Old Covington Building Will Soon Be a Residence Again

The building that sits at 1037 Madison Avenue was built right around the time the Civil War ended in 1865.

It was originally used as a residence, but in recent years has been used for business and sits in a commercially zoned part of Covington. Most recently, it was home to a law office.

Former Covington resident John Kunkel is returning to town, though, after living in Cleveland, and wants to make the building his residence. On Wednesday evening, the Board of Adjustments granted his request to use the commercial property as a home.

"I was a resident of Covington for many years and went to high school at Covington Latin," Kunkel said. "I am interested in the preservation of the old buildings in the city."

Though the building has been used commercially in recent years, it still maintains its original residential layout inside. It also has the benefit of an attached garage. "That was something I had been looking for, for months," Kunkel said.

Kunkel said that he intends to continue to the restoration of the building and maintaining its character and charm.

-Michael Monks, editor & publisher

Photo: 1037 Madison Avenue/provided