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Rick Robinson's Second Time Around: The White House, The Exorcist, & Chili

Northern Kentucky author & attorney Rick Robinson is back in Washington, DC where he spent years on the staff of then-Congressman Jim Bunning. As a busy staffer on the Hill, it's easy to miss the beauty of our nation's capital. And that's what happened to Rick. This time, he vows to take it all in - and share it with you in "Second Time Around".

No city clears out quicker than Washington, DC during the annual August recess. Members of Congress head to their states. Capitol Hill staff head to the shore. Lobbyists head out on vacation.

And commuters like me head home. 

As Congress readies for another round of Kick the Can, I’m packing my bags to head back to my small abode in Roslyn, Virginia. My apartment there is so small that I’m a Jimi Hendrix poster away from being back in my dorm room at Eastern Kentucky University. 
New nightly walks will produce new photos for RCN. But until then, here are a couple from the past year that did not make the cut in earlier columns. 
Also, a lot of folks have been emailing me with suggestions for places off the beaten path they’d like to see appear in this column. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop me an email at [email protected].
The White House (pictured aboved)
Every now and then I am able to schedule a tour of the White House. I’ve been there more times than I can count, but always act as if it’s my first time. The thought of a kid from Ludlow visiting the home of the President still excites me. This photo was taken on a cold January morning. 
The Exorcist

 photo exorciststeps_zps037b07cc.jpg

The power of Christ compels me – to walk up these steps. Located just across the Potomac River from my apartment in Virginia, these were the steps used for the final scene in The Exorcist. My parents forbid me from seeing the movie when it came out in 1973 – I did anyway. Now it’s on television and it still scares the bejeebers out of me. If you’re on the main drag in Georgetown, find the Exxon Station. 
The steps are right behind the dumpster.
Russian Embassy

 photo russianembassy_zps44b3b12c.jpg

While researching my new book, I did took some research pictures of the Embassy of Russia. I found this sign quite amusing. The holiday for which the embassy was closed – International Women’s Day. Putin celebrated by making sure that the members of the punk performance group Pussy Riot had the day off hard labor in the Siberian gulag where they had been imprisoned. 

 photo sundial_zps660161fe.jpg

On the Mall are many beautiful gardens rarely visited by tourists hustling to get from Smithsonian to Smithsonian. I visited one such garden on the Sunday following the start of Daylight Savings time and wondered if some poor staffer caught hell for failing to turn this sundial back an hour.
Ben's Chili Bowl

 photo benschili_zps4102f976.jpg

While I hate being away from Northern Kentucky, I am looking forward to seeing all my friends at Ben’s Chili Bowl. A DC (and now Arlington) tradition, you can find me here once or twice a week. Its not the Ft. Mitchell Skyline, but...
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