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Hey, Covington, Let's See Your Best Selfie

Smile, and let's take a selfie!

COV200, the group organizing events around the City of Covington's bicentennial celebration this year and next, announced Tuesday the launch of #COV200Selfie, a 200th birthday-themed selfie contest tied to murals being installed in Covington neighborhoods.

A selfie is a picture you take of yourself, usually with a smart phone, and then usually uploaded to social media sites.

As part of #COV200Selfie, individuals who “Love The COV” are encouraged to snap a selfie in front of #COV200Selfie murals, and then share them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the hashtag, #COV200selfie. The murals, which are being created by Pike Street creative firm BLDG, will incorporate aspects of the neighborhood in which they are located and will include directions for participating in the #COV200Selfie promotion.

The first #COV200Selfie mural can be found in MainStrasse on the side of Pachinko Bar (424 West Sixth Street), with additional murals slated for installation over the course of upcoming weeks.

“What makes Covington so great are the people who make up our community,” said Amanda Greenwell, Vice Chair of COV200. “What better, and more fun way to showcase those people, than through the sharing of selfies.”

In addition to syndicating the #COV200Selfies on the website ( and across COV200 social media channels, COV200 organizers will select 15-20 #COV200Selfie selfies at random to take offline. These photos will be printed, and then installed on buildings throughout Covington.

Funding for the #COV200Selfies promotion comes from CovingTen (COV10), an anonymous group providing mini-grants to projects throughout Covington.

For information about when and where the murals are being painted, follow @Cov200 on Twitter, or visit the COV200 Facebook page.

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