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Taylor Mill Store Hopes to Become Truck Rental Site

The Grocery Bag, a Taylor Mill convenience store, would become a Penske Truck Rental site if granted permission by the city and area planning.

Mark Baum of Penske asked the city commission on Wednesday to consider a text amendment to the zoning regulations, allowing Grovery Bag owner Sam Patel to use its parking lot as a truck rental location.

The city commission was not immediately warm to the idea and ultimately asked to learn more about the business plan before they would move the issue ahead to a public hearing or recommendation from the area planning commission.

City Administrator Jill Bailey said that Penske would have to pay around $1,500 for the review by area planning.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

It became an emotional affair at the Taylor Mill City Commission meeting when Mayor Dan Bell passed a resolution officially designating September as the city's Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and presented a plaque to Nicole Young for her efforts in raising awareness about the disease. Ms. Young, an ovarian-cancer survivor, was moved to tears when presented with the resolution and gave a heartfelt speech to those on hand.

“I decided to do this, not for myself, but for other women. If someone had helped me when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with me, it would have made a big difference,” she said. “I was supposed to get this and I think I'm supposed to share.

Young's efforts can be seen in a variety of Northern Kentucky neighborhoods as she has fixed teal-colored bows to numerous light posts along various business districts in the area. The city of Taylor Mill has asked its residents to wear a teal ribbon for the month of September in recognition of the cause. Ovarian cancer is the fifth-leading cause of cancer deaths among all women in the United States.

Mayor Bell thanked Young for her courage in raising awareness.

“Your life experience with ovarian cancer shows me that the spirit is stronger than the disease,” he told her.

An ovarian cancer awareness 5k run/walk called “The Power of Teal” will be held at Lunken Playfield in Cincinnati on September 20 to raise funds for the cause. Registration can be found online.

“It's all about just promoting the symptoms, not about donations,” Young said of the awareness movement. “We want get the knowledge and education out there.”

  • A resolution was passed that approved the transfer of control by Comcast to Charter Communication of the city's cable television provider. Many other local communities have passed similar resolutions due to Comcast buying out Time Warner.

  • Former mayor Mark Kreimborg asked permission to allow a block party on Ridgeway Drive on October 4. The Commission unanimously approved the request.

  • Taylor Mill Swim Club was given permission to continue to have their monthly meetings at the city's council chambers. The club meets on the first Monday of every month.

  • Permission was given for the Scott High School homecoming parade on Friday, September 19.

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Written by Bryan Burke, Associate Editor

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