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New Business Puts Artsy Spin on Parties

A business in Bellevue has added a new artistic spin to the run-of-mill dinner party.

Arty Party is run by Betsy Miglio and creates what she calls a painting party experience where individuals can hire her to guide participants through each step of the painting process as they party down. Miglio provides all of the painting supplies, including brushes, paints, and 16x20” canvases.

The events are scheduled at bars and restaurants in the area, but Arty Party does private parties as well. Miglio lists birthdays, bachelorette parties, girl's-night-out events, baby showers, and even team-building sessions as reasons to have fun and make art with friends and family.

The business began in June of this year when she and her brother, Patrick Kallendorf, partnered to combine their unique talents into a viable business opportunity.

“I love to paint and I love to throw parties, and Patrick has the entrepreneurial spirit, so this was a way to put both of our passions to work,” Miglio explained.

 photo artyparty2_zpsbf903b09.jpg

Most sessions cost $30 but there are package deals for private parties.

While there are similar businesses out there, Miglio stresses that hers really puts the emphasis on fun and partying.

“Our parties are interactive events where you express yourself in a painting, meet new people, hang out with old friends, check out new bars of restaurants, listen to a little music and go home with a finished piece of artwork and maybe a new-found talent.”

While Arty Party has had an exciting three months of existence, Miglio and Kallendorf are even more excited for its future.

“We're in the process of scheduling events for upcoming months and scouting venues in Northern Kentucky as well as Cincinnati. We want to continue to grow our business while providing the people of Greater Cincinnati with a creative, fun and carefree outlet. The goal is to have leave a lot of people with paintings hanging in their homes serving as momentos of a fantastically fun evening,” Miglio said.

More information about Arty Party and how to register for events can be found at their website,

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Written by Bryan Burke, associate editor

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