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Somewhere in Covington: Pez Dispensers With Gift Certificates Inside

Where are these twenty-four Pez candy dispensers?

The answer: all over Covington.

The Candy Bar, the Mainstrasse Village-based sweets shop, announced on Monday a sugary scavenger hunt to lure you into the store. Each one has a gift certificate inside worth $5 in merchandise at The Candy Bar (422 West Sixth Street).

Anyone is eligible to find and keep the PEZ dispensers and use the gift certificates. The dispensers are all hidden in public places, mostly outdoors. Photographic clues 
are posted in the album Hidden PEZ on The Candy Bar's Facebook page. The business encourages those who find the missing Pez dispensers to post a picture to the Facebook page.
"At The Candy Bar, hard-to-find old fashioned candy and other unusual and imported candy is our specialty," said owner Sarah Tobergta, in a news release. "We got the idea for hiding PEZ dispensers around the city from the group Hidden Cash (@HiddenCash on Twitter) who buried PEZ dispensers with money in them on beaches in Southern California this summer. It was too great an idea to pass up, as we are always looking for creative ways to let people know about our store."
Sarah and her husband, co-owner Ryan Tobergta, are avid candy enthusiasts and have created a fun retail attraction in Mainstrasse Village. Pay them a visit!
-Staff report
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