Covington Artists Plan Ambitious Trip to Europe & Want to Bring Something Back for You

This fall, local artists (and soon to be newlyweds) Michael Boyd and Hilary Nauman will travel to Europe to take in the sights, meet new people, and perhaps most importantly, create.
To help fund their trip, the owners of Shrewdness of Apes on Seventh Street in Covington have launched a crowdsourcing campaign titled, You & Me Across the Sea: The Great Collaboration
In exchange for contributions to their Indiegogo campaign, the couple will provide donors with various perks such as watercolor paintings, photographs, or interesting things they pick up along the way. As of today, the couple is more than halfway to their goal of $2,500. The campaign ends on September 29. 
Last week, RCN sat down with Nauman to discuss the inspiration for the trip, the couple’s travel plans, and what they hope to bring back to Covington.
RCN: What inspired you to take this trip? How did you come up with the idea? 
Nauman: There are so many ways to answer this. First, this idea really came about right after my mother passed away. Michael and I took a trip to Lake Erie and I brought along some of her clothing to photograph. While that was a more personal and meaningful moment, it starting me thinking about including people in in experiences through photography. In my work as a miniature artist, I have been placing my pieces in unexpected areas and photographing them for years. It has always been a part of my travels so when we decided to take a big trip we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take on a project about collaboration. 
All of our perks are either about meeting new people and exploring new places and leaving something behind or taking something with us. 
RCN: What countries and cities do you plan to visit?
Nauman: We will for sure travel to Oslo, Norway, Manchester, England, - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogoch, Wales. I mean how awesome is that name? Other than that, we will be taking it day by day and exploring. Maybe Newcastle or Dublin, Ireland. Sherwood Forrest? We’re not exactly sure yet.
RCN: What do you hope to share with the city of Covington upon your return? 
Nauman: We plan on having a show at our gallery of all of the pieces we have created. We have a lot of really interesting options so I think it will make for a great show. We also hope to get some ‘covluv’ out into the world. I love the idea of residents or businesses sending their pictures with us and being photographed all over the world. 
Or #lovethecov being left on a Post-It in Norway. Or someone seeing these things and Googling them and learning all about Covington, Kentucky. 
Also, I would love to get all of the "Tiny You" sponsors together and get pictures of them with their tiny travelling versions.
RCN: What do you hope to learn while you are away? 
Nauman: I hope to find new artists to follow and new places to visit. I hope to learn about Vikings, druids, Robin Hood! I don't think I have ever come back from a trip without it making some impact upon the things I make or collect or enjoy so I hope to be exposed to some fantastic new things. I think this project will definitely lead to us making connections that we otherwise wouldn't. We struck up some fun conversations here in Cincinnati while taking the "Finding 50" perk photos so I am sure we will meet some interesting folks while travelling abroad. I love the idea of finding 50 pubs to photograph. What better way to explore a city? I also hope to learn how Michael will react in a land of little English. He is currently vetoing my plan to rent a car and drive up in the dark to see the Northern Lights. We'll see if I can change his mind.
See the couple's Indiegogo campaign: Click Here
-Jerod Theobald, managing editor
Photo provided