Roebling Suspension Bridge One of Ten Greatest in America, New Book Says

The Roebling Suspension Bridge between Covington and Cincinnati is one of the ten greatest suspension bridges in America, a new book claims.

Writer, photographer, and bookmaker R. Glenn Alexander has included the Roebling in his new book, America's Greatest Suspension Bridges, a Photographic Essay.

"I got interested in photographing bridges in general several years ago and realized that some of them were architectural works of art in their own right," Alexander said. The author was first attracted to cable-stayed bridges, but found that they were few and far between.

There are plenty of suspension bridges, however; So many in fact that Alexander had to figure out a way to narrow the field.

"As I started looking through Wikipedia, I started to see what the longest bridges were and when they were built," he said. "You can sort of trace the history of the longest suspension bridges built in the United States by looking at ten bridges."

Alexander said that each bridge in his book was the longest when it was built. 

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He visited the Roebling Suspension Bridge last year. "I had photographed everything at that time from the Golden Gate to the Ben Franklin and all of those are pretty magnificent, but I was really impressed with the personality of the Roebling Bridge, and also the fact that it was designed by the man who did the Brooklyn Bridge."

"You can sort of really see the evolution of how he went from one to the other."

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Alexander is based in Rochester, New York where he not only writes and shoots photos for books, but also produces them through his company pixelPRESERVE. 

His latest includes the Wheeling Suspension Bridge and the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge in addition to the Roebling, which he said he really enjoyed photographing. "It's kind of old but well-maintained and beautiful and stately," he said.

"It's among the ones I like the best when I look at it from my own perspective."

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Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News

Photos provided by Alexander