Woman in Cast, Neck Brace Hit By Car, Tosses Liquor Bottle

A woman was struck by a car while attempting to cross Sixth Street at Scott Boulevard in Covington on Thursday afternoon.

According to a police officer on the scene, a vehicle was stopped at the eastern side of Sixth Street when it started to back up to make way for a northbound truck that was turning left from Scott onto Sixth. A woman was walking behind the vehicle and the driver did not see her.

She was struck and knocked to the ground.

Covington Police, Fire, and paramedics responded. The woman was responsive and was transported to the hospital.

The woman was already wearing an arm cast, a neck brace, and a finger splint. 

A nearby liquor bottle at the scene was also apparently thrown by the woman who was struck because she was worried about getting trouble for possessing an open container.

-Staff report

Photo by RCN