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Campbell Co. Notes: New Restaurant Coming to Alexandria

Notes from this week's meeting of the Campbell Co. Fiscal Court:

-A resolution was passed to amend the personnel section of administrative code that will pay salaried employees overtime rather than allow accrued compensatory time off. Campbell County Human Resources Director Kim Serra explained the changes to the commission.

“Prior to these changes, the county had certain salaried positions who could accrue hour for hour comp time,” Serra said. “Even though Employee A was on a salary, if he or she went over their standard work week, that person could earn time to be used at a later date. Now our hourly staff will just be paid overtime. We do have three salaried positions, however, that are subject to call in on a pretty regular basis so for those folks we are going to pay them for that time that they worked over their standard schedule as opposed to accruing time that could become a liability in the future.”

-A resolution was approved to accept a little over $120,000 in flex fund money to resurface California Crossroads from KY Route 9 southwest to KY 1121.

-A resolution was passes to enter into an agreement with Time Warner Cable to provide shared land services for the county's phone and internet services. The agreement is five years for $4,735 per month.

-A public hearing was held before the meeting to allow the public to express their opinion on the county issuing an entertainment permit to Jeff Heuser, owner of Fatboys Pub & Grub. No one spoke against the issuing of the permit and Judge/Executive Steve Pendery indicated everything appeared in order for that to happen. Fatboys Pub & Grub hopes to open soon and is located at 9670 Licking Pike in Alexandria.

-Linda Eads was commemorated for her service as Occupational Tax Manager. Ms. Eads led the County's Tax Compliance Department for 13 years. Judge Pendry complimented her for the administration systems that she created and for her ability to communicate with the public about better understanding the tax code.

“Over the years, Linda has developed systems that are now used in a lot of other places in the state,” Pendry said.

-Special Purpose Government Entities need to present news about the tax rate that they're using before the fiscal court as a new requirement under state law. There were three of such entities at the meeting.

First was Clarence Martin a representative from the Central Campbell Fire District which serves the cities of Highland Heights, Crestview, Cold Spring, and the NKU campus. Their property tax rate for this year is .16, or $1.60 for every $1,000 for county residents. Their personal property tax intangible is $1.84. The district's real-estate rate is $1.60, up a penny from last year.

Next was Dennis Walter, Vice Chairman of the Campbell County Conservation District. Mr. Walter reported a millage tax rate of 0.0028 for $100 property valuation. The rate has been the same since 2005. The conservation districts have been organized for the special purpose of assisting landowners and land users with their soil and water resource problems and setting priorities in the conservation work to be accomplished.

Last was Jeremy Teimeyer who represented Campbell County Fire Protection District 6, which serves Melbourne and other nearby communities. Mr. Teimeyer reported a rate of $1.75 per $1,000.

-Bryan Burke, associate editor

Photo: Fatboys via Facebook