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Photos: Scott Homecoming Parade in Taylor Mill

A beautiful night in Taylor Mill was enjoyed by those who attended and participated in the Scott High School Homecoming Parade on Friday.

The parade snaked around Taylor Mill and Old Taylor Mill Roads and featured the school's sports teams and marching band, and representatives from the city such as Mayor Dan Bell and the police and fire departments.

Following the parade, Scott would go on to rout Holy Cross, 48-14, improving to 4-0 on the season.

RCN's Bryan Burke produced these photos from the parade:

 photo IMG_0017_zps578069fa.jpgMayor Bell 1 photo IMG_0030_zps48834b61.jpg Mayor Bell 2 photo IMG_0031_zps6a1913ab.jpg photo IMG_0033_zpsfdea6979.jpg photo IMG_0034_zps2c1f3f47.jpg photo IMG_0041_zpsb782ac86.jpg photo IMG_0043_zps3ccb72ca.jpg photo IMG_0045_zps99144c62.jpg photo IMG_0048_zpsa0a8c6d4.jpg photo IMG_0061_zps927a25c8.jpg photo IMG_0063_zps350f1d6a.jpg photo IMG_0064_zps77b2be18.jpg photo IMG_0066_zps902ce1fe.jpg photo IMG_0072_zps78ea9c84.jpg photo IMG_0077_zps8bc081af.jpg photo IMG_0080_zps90a9cb15.jpg photo IMG_0082_zpsd3a1d8dc.jpg photo IMG_0084_zpsd11af7fa.jpg photo IMG_0092_zps90c14360.jpg photo IMG_0093_zps8857f846.jpg photo IMG_0095_zpsfe50b87a.jpg photo IMG_0105_zps98965a5d.jpg photo IMG_0119_zpsa76e3fc1.jpg photo IMG_0120_zps190192f8.jpg photo IMG_0144_zps86bde4e4.jpg photo IMG_0156_zpsa6ccd47c.jpg photo IMG_0163_zps5904ef43.jpg photo IMG_0167_zps8c7f194a.jpg photo IMG_0172_zpsfdc01aea.jpg photo IMG_0178_zpscf13040a.jpg photo IMG_0181_zps6ecce3b1.jpg photo IMG_0184_zpsedb5da99.jpg photo IMG_0198_zpsce578275.jpg photo IMG_0201_zps6ecc5912.jpg photo IMG_0205_zps29654e2f.jpg