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Photos: Ludlow Sesquicentennial Parade

The City of Ludlow is celebrating its 150th anniversary all weekend long.

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Events continue Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon, a long parade snaked through the city with signs from the past and future.

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RCN contributor Patricia A. Scheyer visited Ludlow during the parade and produced these photos.

(Above: The Ludlow Sesquicentennial parade was led by a National Guard color guard.)

 photo ludlowparade2_zps878ea1a1.jpg

The World Peace Bell rang loudly at the beginning of the parade.

 photo ludlowparade3_zpsb0949a1b.jpg

 photo ludlowparade4_zps9194dbbf.jpg

Several classes that graduated from Ludlow High School were represented in the parade. 

 photo ludlowparade5_zps3a3c20f1.jpg

Supreme Court Justice Michelle Keller campaigns to keep her job.

 photo ludlowparade7_zps6ed35007.jpg photo ludlowparade6_zps606232f1.jpg photo ludlowparade8_zps61c02cdc.jpg photo ludlowparade9_zps560a1e44.jpg

 photo ludlowparade10_zps9bda8355.jpg

Several former mayors of Ludlow were represented in the Sesquicentennial parade Saturday. 

 photo ludlowparade11_zpsda73684f.jpg

Mayor Ken Wynn

 photo ludlowparade12_zps412443e5.jpg

Darlene Plummer, candidate for Kenton Co. PVA

 photo ludlowparade13_zps2780df3e.jpg

 photo ludlowparade15_zpsba8ea7d2.jpg

Robert E. Lee

 photo ludlowparade14_zps33d08e58.jpg

 photo ludlowparade18_zps2b3ac1f5.jpg photo ludlowparade17_zps81a4d2e9.jpg photo ludlowparade16_zpse24a3058.jpg photo ludlowparade19_zps482f612a.jpg

 photo ludlowparade20_zpsfafff383.jpg photo ludlowparade22_zpsd538b553.jpg photo ludlowparade21_zps191926f8.jpg photo ludlowparade23_zps258d3675.jpg

 photo ludlowparade24_zps02e32df9.jpg photo ludlowparade25_zpsed6b08f0.jpg photo ludlowparade26_zpsb453abee.jpg photo ludlowparade27_zps4b710a3a.jpg

 photo ludlowparade28_zpsefc27258.jpg photo ludlowparade29_zpsa18c82ee.jpg photo ludlowparade30_zps9ca565d7.jpg photo ludlowparade31_zps3f9a9da5.jpg

The Arnold family waves at the parade---Ava-6,  Emma, 7,  Anthony, 8, and Mason, 10, were with their dad.

 photo ludlowparade32_zps11060fb4.jpg

 photo ludlowparade33_zps5cd6b4e7.jpg photo ludlowparade34_zps34fc86cf.jpg photo ludlowparade35_zps7163a15a.jpg


Seven-year old Lexi Ottaway, and five-year old Anthony Price, both of Ludlow, enjoy the parade from the back of a car. 

 photo ludlowparade36_zps09fda6c9.jpg

 photo ludlowparade37_zpsb645e9cb.jpg photo ludlowparade38_zpsca4612b9.jpg photo ludlowparade39_zpse9e42dba.jpg

 photo ludlowparade40_zpsee374bb4.jpg photo ludlowparade41_zpsf91a32d0.jpg photo ludlowparade42_zps2e69c039.jpg photo ludlowparade43_zps39b08b82.jpg

 photo ludlowparade44_zpsfa161116.jpg photo ludlowparade45_zpsd5ab4f6c.jpg photo ludlowparade46_zps095f32a5.jpg

Six-year old Ava Arnold of Ludlow gets a personal handout during the parade.

 photo ludlowparade47_zps5f9c4ab6.jpg


When the fire trucks come, Imogen Cunningham, 4, of Cincinnati, holds her ears because it can become loud.

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