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Students Honored, Working Budget Adopted in Bellevue

The first thing on the agenda of the Bellevue School Board last Wednesday night was to recognize one student from each grade, from preschool through the twelfth grade, for their good character traits. The students were nominated by their teachers, and called up to the front of the room by their principal and vice­principal, first from Grandview Elementary, and then Bellevue High School.
The children received a round of applause for their achievements.
(Students honored by the school board for their character traits are Arianna Lloyd-preschool, Logan Massey-kindergarten, Addison Biers-first grade, Natasha Martinez-second grade, Jonah Ellis-third grade, James Long-fourth grade, Lydia Fields-fifth grade, Alyssa Hennekes-sixth grade, Faith Ronnebaum-seventh grade, Brandi Moore-eighth grade, Kyle Glover-ninth grade, Linzie Murphy-tenth grade, Hunter Swope-eleventh grade, and Ray Bridewell-twelfth grade.)
The working budget for the fiscal year 2014 to 2015 was approved by the school board. The beginning balance of the budget is $1,938,526.58, and that is approximately $12,000 less than the previous fiscal year. The contingency fund is $635,791, which is about 8 percent of all fund balances. SEEK funds for the district are $3800 per child, and any adjustments to the fund are already accounted for in the working budget. All revenues in excess of expenditures in this budget will be utilized for future salary mandates, maintaining safe and clean facilities, and will concentrate on effective instruction and personalized opportunities for all students.

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The board voted to accept the consent agenda and pay all bills as well as payroll. Dana Freer was approved as substitute teacher, and several fundraisers at the schools were put together and approved in a lump sum. The principals of both schools gave reports about how the students were doing on the MAPS testing, recapping what has been done and forecasting what is coming up.
Attendance is up by 22 students district-wide. Transportation has been extended to the preschool, and this year 51 preschool students are being transported to and from school, a welcome change from other years when parents chose other programs in the community because there was no transportation.
Finally, the district will sponsor Bellevue High School students Dylan Rechtin and Brittany Strunk as nominees for the Kentucky School Board Association’s Scholarship program. Every year the association chooses two students to receive a $2,500 scholarship each at their December meeting, and the students will be announced at the annual conference in February.
Written by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor
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