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Photos: Art Off Pike Brings Artists, Dancers, Makers, & Visitors to Downtown Covington

The tenth annual Art Off Pike in Downtown Covington brought in hundreds of visitors to check out art, photography, food, drink, dance, theatre, and more.

One of the highlights of the day was the unveiling of nine new business signs as part of the CoSign project.

In addition to the artists selling their works and the local restaurants' food, the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company performed, Elementz hip hop dancers showed off some moves, a jean jacket fashion show raised funds for various local organizations, and the night ended with a showing of Goonies at Madlot, put on by Cincinnati-based Gorilla Cinema.

RCN's Brian Frey produced these photos, with additional photos by Jim Guthrie and Michael Monks:

 photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign001_zps9dcd0815.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign002_zpscc4860a6.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign004_zpsd8973da2.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign005_zps19f2ceb5.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign006_zps5cb87886.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign008_zps6c92e69a.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign009_zpsfba4febf.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign011_zps7e065171.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign013_zpsa0ac55ca.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign015_zps8ecc0c50.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign017_zpse9b00d1a.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign020_zps70a8111d.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign022_zpsbef86d85.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign025_zpsdf7018fc.jpg photo ArtoffPikeampCoSign028_zps77a114b8.jpg photo jeanjacket1_zps1031e1d7.jpg photo jeanjacket1_zps1031e1d7.jpg photo jeanjacket3_zps35bb71fe.jpg photo jeanjacket4_zps1828ee88.jpg photo elementz1_zps2b8ef7e4.jpg photo elementz3_zps1243a6ad.jpg photo goonies1_zps6f530751.jpg photo goonies2_zpsc9645a1c.jpg

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