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Photos: Simon Kenton Homecoming Court

Simon Kenton celebrated Homecoming with a big win over Campbell Co. and a halftime ceremony for members of the court.

Photos by RCN's Bryan Burke:

 photo IMG_0443_zps3a051abc.jpg  photo IMG_0445_zpsf7ac8c97.jpg  photo IMG_0447_zps9075ab5e.jpg  photo IMG_0453_zps329f1de3.jpg  photo IMG_0456_zpse3da65fe.jpg  photo IMG_0459_zps9c39accb.jpg  photo IMG_0463_zps4cb98463.jpg  photo IMG_0466_zps93ef10c7.jpg  photo IMG_0467_zpsea9ece62.jpg  photo IMG_0475_zps763796ce.jpg  photo IMG_0477_zps85d5899f.jpg  photo IMG_0478_zps233b02aa.jpg  photo IMG_0480_zps710c260b.jpg  photo IMG_0482_zpsb6cff608.jpg  photo IMG_0483_zps337f3db8.jpg  photo IMG_0488_zpsc64a5854.jpg  photo IMG_0489_zps8ce5bfc6.jpg  photo IMG_0490_zps064f9b52.jpg  photo IMG_0491_zps75d5d32e.jpg  photo IMG_0493_zpsac5257dc.jpg  photo IMG_0495_zps90485ede.jpg  photo IMG_0497_zps59e0843a.jpg

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