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More Housing Development On Way to Dayton as City Celebrates Homefest

More big things are happening at the Dayton riverfront.

The city landed next year's Homefest and on Tuesday it was announced that a developer will be putting multi-family housing there near the Manhattan Harbour project.

"I don't know if you know how important that is," said Dave Imbolden, the developer behind the massive, riverfront project where he will also live. "I don't remember Homefest ever being northern. It's always been Triple Crown, out in the suburbs."

"I'm extremely excited about it."

Imbolden's $400 million project will have at least five $1 million homes on display for next year's Homefest which will run in September and October 2015. He came to the city council meeting on Tuesday to introduce Wisconsin-based developer Brendan Sullivan who had big news of his own to share.

"The first thing everybody asks is, what's it like working with the city? I just appreciate you guys hanging in there with me. You know I've got nothing but good things to say," Imbolden told the city council. "A lot of these Ohio builders are looking at it now."

"When I tell the builders I'm going to be building and living in the site, that's unheard of. The City of Dayton is fabulous to work with. ... We're on the threshold of something really big happening here."

Sullivan first visited Dayton a year and a half ago and is likely the developer hinted at by Mayor Ken Rankle at previous council meetings. "Right now I'm focusing on single family. He's coming in to focus on multi-family," Imbolden said.

"When I saw this site, and I've done a lot of development in river cities, the moment I saw it, I was extremely excited about it," Sullivan said. "It's one of the neatest sites I've ever seen."

Sullivan and Imbolden worked for a year to come to terms as a team. Sullivan expects his project to begin in the late spring or early summer next year, though he has no specific plans yet. "We look forward to coming back and visiting you guys in thirty to sixty days to see what we plan to implement on this site," Sullivan said, adding that there would likely be public input sessions.

Sullivan's project would start at the western most part of the riverfront site near Family Dollar and work its way east. "We're really excited to get started in this area," he said.
Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News
Photo: First property under construction at Manhattan Harbour/via Dayton, KY Facebook page
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