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Photos: Good People Festival in Covington

The first ever Good People Festival was held in Covington on Sunday and a nice crowd of... good people showed up to take part.

“We wanted to have an event that would be a signature event for Grateful Grahams, and to create a day full of music and gratitude and community,” said Rachel DesRochers, who founded Covington-based Grateful Grahams four years ago where a variety of vegan baked goods are produced, when the event was announced last month.

The family-friendly gathering featured live music, food & drinks, and local artisans.

It was held at the Baker Hunt Center in the Licking Riverside Historic District (and if you're reading this in time, it runs until 6 p.m.!).


 photo goodpeople1_zps12826c00.jpg photo goodpeople3_zpsdbafeb10.jpg photo goodpeople2_zps4c0f6ac3.jpg photo goodpeople4_zps3f8e1acb.jpg photo goodpeople5_zps225b1a22.jpg photo goodpeople6_zpsfa7cb814.jpg photo goodpeople7_zpsa1186b12.jpg photo goodpeople8_zps7d87c214.jpg photo goodpeople9_zpsb3ad1937.jpg photo goodpeople10_zpsaeef12c2.jpg photo goodpeople12_zps511905ee.jpg photo goodpeople13_zps59da9e89.jpg photo goodpeople14_zpscbefb7cc.jpg photo goodpeople15_zps38564510.jpg photo goodpeople16_zpsf1132a72.jpg

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