Photos: Opera Comes to Covington Cemetery

Linden Grove Cemetery became an outdoor opera house on Sunday as Gilbert & Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance echoed through the streets of Covington's Westside.

Cincinnati Opera brought its scaled-down version to town for an afternoon that also included free pirate hat-making for kids with the Awesome Collective of Covington, and a performance of "A Consultation With Two Doctors & A Judge" which was a mostly improvised story about a few people buried in the cemetery (Pete Nerone portrayed Judge Bellamy Storer who gave a speech when the cemetery was dedicated; Chris Nerone played Dr. Adam Kelly, the first African-American doctor in the area; Anna Rafferty played Dr. Louise Southgate, the first female doctor in the area; and RCN editor Michael Monks portrayed Henry Bruce, the Covington financier of Confederate causes. The latter three are all buried at Linden Grove).

RCN's Brian Frey was there and produced this slideshow: