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Why These Danish Folks Have Arrived in Ludlow

The Danes have invaded Ludlow!

Twenty Danish circus performers and coaches have arrived at Circus Mojo as the local performers host CIRKUS. The group includes one member that has been a clown for forty-five years and another who performed in the 1984 Olympics opening ceremony in Moscow and walked from the top of the Grand Canyon to the bottom -- and back up -- on three-foot stilts.

Circus Mojo's Paul Miller met the founder of Cirkus in Berlin at the Network of International Circus Educators conference in 2011 and then again in Finland in 2013 at the first-ever Effective Circus Conference where Miller have the closing keynote address.

While in Finland, the two organizations began a partnership that has led to Mojo sending performers to Denmark, and CIRKUS sending performers to Kentucky.

The groups will perform for kids from the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky on Tuesday and then at Children's Hospital on Wednesday. Other joint performances over the next few days include schools, the Carnegie, and Fountain Square in Cincinnati.

If you see some extra clowns around this week -- be sure to say hi!

-Staff report

Photo via Circus Mojo