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New Mural in Latonia Promotes COV 200 Selfie Campaign

A new mural is going up in Latonia as part of the COV 200 bicentennial promotion.

The #COV200Selfie initiative encourages folks who "Love the Cov" to snap a picture of themselves in front of the mural and then post it to social media sites.

The new Latonia mural follows the creation of similar murals in Mainstrasse Village (on the side of Pachinko) and in the Westside's Orchard Park. The murals incorporate aspects of the neighborhood in which they are located and include directions for participating in the #COV200Selfie promotion. The Latonia #COV200Selife mural can be found on the side of The Green Lantern (3938 Decoursey Ave). 

The area’s horse racing history and the Latonia Derby inspired the mural, which is being created by BLDG. The mural features Leonatus, the horse that was the first winner of the Latonia Derby, and who later that same year went on to win the Kentucky Derby.

Additional murals are in the works and will be revealed in coming weeks.

In addition to syndicating the #COV200Selfies on the website and across COV200 social media channels, COV200 organizers will select 15-20 #COV200Selfie selfies at random to take offline. These photos will be printed, and then installed on buildings throughout Covington.

Funding for the #COV200Selfies promotion comes from CovingTen (COV10), an anonymous group providing mini-grants to projects throughout Covington.

For information about when and where the murals are being painted, follow @Cov200 on Twitter, or visit the Cov200 Facebook page.

-Staff report

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