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Sheriff's Warning: Kenton Co. Calls About Jury Duty Fines are Part of Scam

The Park Hills Police Department and the Kenton County Sheriff’s Office have received complaints regarding calls from a person identifying themselves as Deputy Morgan with the Sheriff’s office.
The calls are being made to individuals in the Park Hills Area and threaten the person that they have a warrant for their arrest in reference to missing jury duty. 
The alleged Deputy Morgan states that the fine is $2000.00 but that $500.00 will “get the warrant taken care of”. The person is then directed to purchase a “Green Dot money card” and to contact Deputy Morgan via a cell phone number in order to meet for an exchange of the money and to clear the warrant.
When individuals call the cell phone, a message comes on and states this is Deputy Morgan, leave your name and cell number and your call will be returned. The alleged 
Deputy Morgan is requesting that the individual meet them in Covington near the Kenton County Justice Center.
The Kenton County Sheriff’s Office does not call individuals who may have missed jury duty or call someone with an active warrant.
Although the Chief Deputy of the Kenton County Sheriff’s Office is Colonel Pat Morgan, this is a SCAM. Anyone receiving a call of this nature should not respond to this type of threat.
From the Kenton County Sheriff's Office