Parking Company Dons Pink Shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness

The folks at Tri-State Parking are wearing bright pink shirts emblazoned with the company logo, a ribbon, and a message about their support for breast cancer awareness.

The company manages various free-standing parking lots in Covington & Newport and the St. Elizabeth Hospital campus in Edgewood.

“We’re in the people business. Every day we interact with fantastic people; some are heading to their favorite restaurant or entertainment venue. Others might be patients heading to a medical facility for treatment," said Jeff Feldhaus, president of the company. "Either way, we can’t think of anyone that hasn’t been touched by breast cancer.” 
“It is important to us that our customers know how much they mean to us and if we’re able to let them know we support them and care about their lives, perhaps it puts a little spring in their step and a smile on their face - particularly those facing a fight with this terrible disease.” 
Normally uniformed according to client guidelines and specifications, Tri-State’s client partners have welcomed the brief switch to the pink shirts. 
“Feedback from our clients has been tremendously positive. Our biggest complaint is that we didn’t order enough as everyone wants one. Our clients want to show support as well and that’s really neat to see,” said Aaron Cahill, Vice President.