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In Dayton Schools, Students Honored and Attendance Improves

The audience for the regular Dayton School Board swelled to standing room only as parents and relatives came to the meeting Wednesday night to see their child recognized for being a student of the month. Elementary Assistant Principal, Heather Dragan, announced the names and one by one the children came up to the front of the room holding their certificates.
Superintendent Jay Brewer congratulated all the students, who ranged from those in kindergarten to seniors in high school, and they all received a round of applause.
Testing done in the schools to measure how the students are doing was discussed by the board after the principals gave their reports.
“The Explore program, which is 8th graders, had the best scores we have seen in five years, and maybe more but we only went back five years,” said Jay Brewer, Superintendent of the Dayton Schools. “The ACT and Plan programs were down a little but not bad. We have made adjustments in our staff, our course work and throughout the schedules. These are all college ready indicators.”
Attendance for the second month of school was reportedly up from last year, from 840 last year to 895 this year.
The board voted to install a company called Completely Clean to clean the schools starting next year. Apparently the company has had a good review from Southgate schools, and Dayton schools need the help. This will not eliminate any housekeeping positions that are already in the schools.
A unanimous yes vote was also given to a revision of one of the food policy rules which allow students to be rewarded by food. It has been observed that food is a good vehicle of recognition, but the board agreed that if there were pancake breakfasts, or meals that were rewards, they would have to be held off campus.
Story & photos by Patricia A. Scheyer, RCN contributor