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Northern Kentucky Shows Rise in Pay and Employment

A Regional Indicators Report by Agenda 360 and Vision 2015, released Monday, Oct. 27, has Northern Kentucky moving up as a region from 10th place to ninth place out of 12. It shows improvements in the number of higher-paying jobs, income levels and unemployment in Northern Kentucky.
The report is considered “a scorecard” by both agencies of 15 economic indicators related to employment, workforce, income, education and innovation. It is also “an assessment tool to measure our region against 11 regions we compete with for people and jobs,” according to a news release.

Specifically improvements were seen in areas such as knowledge jobs with the region moving up four places in terms of managerial and professional positions added, and moving up two spaces in both per capita income and lowering unemployment. Tracking began in 2010.

Other highlights include Northern Kentucky being ranked No. 2, up from No. 3 in 2010, in terms of low housing costs. This measure is known as the housing opportunity index. The region also moved in to No. 3 from No. 4 in cost of living. The ranking of the region’s per capita income levels also moved up two places to No. 6 at $43,454.

The report provides reliable, comparable information for leaders in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, and supports informed
decision-making. The report also charts regional progress over time. The data is compiled by researchers from University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University and uses credible, widely accepted sources that are comparable across regions.

“It is important to look at yourself in the mirror to realize who you are, but it is also important to look at others to see what you can be,” said Bill Scheyer, president of Vision 2015. “This is the region’s most comprehensive economic progress report. It is a must read for regional leaders who agree that a position increase in the overall ranking is certainly worth celebrating, but better is not good enough.”

“While we see the uptick on some rankings as sure signs of progress, we have to ask whether we are satisfied with our overall position against our peers,” said Mary Stagaman, vice president of Regional Initiatives for
the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and executive director of Agenda 360.
“There’s no doubt the region has momentum; so to remain competitive and move up the list, we need to tackle the big challenges like low educational attainment, high poverty and negative net migration,” she said.
For more data from the report, click here.
Agenda 360 is a regional action plan for Cincinnati to become a “leading metropolitan region for talent, jobs and economic opportunity for all who call our region home by the year 2020,” according to its website.
Vision 2015 is “a catalyst for growth, created to work with the community on a plan for Northern Kentucky’s future,” according to its website.
The 11 other regions Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are comparing themselves to include: Austin, Denver, Raleigh, Columbus, Minneapolis, Charlotte, Louisville, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Pittsburg and Cleveland.
From Vision 2015

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